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Top Software Testing Job Search Tips For You


Software testing is a very rewarding career. Now a days, IT organizations are very concerned about their product/service quality and they are spending a considerable amount on quality assurance and testing. If you are in software testing job search process, the following tips would definitely help you.


Tip 1: Tailor your resume for each job you are applying

First thing is first. Resume is not what you want to show but it’s what recruiters/employers want to see. So always you must tailor your resume to the job advert or job spec you are applying for to show the recruiters/employers what they want to see. At the same time, you should be honest as well. You should tailor main resume areas like Professional Profile/Summary, Software Testing Skills/Technical Skills, Automation Experience, Projects for the job you are applying.


Tip 2: Having relevant automation based experience

Software test automation saves both time and cost compared to manual testing in the long run. Almost all IT companies are going for automation and investing in automation. So, having relevant automation experience for the job you are applying will definitely help your resume to get the interview call.


Tip 3: Software Testing Certifications

By getting certified, you are proving your expertise in a specific area. Right certifications gives you credibility, marketability and professional development. In the software testing world, ISTQB certifications and automation tool based certifications are very valuable. So, consider getting certified in relevant areas/tools. Also, once you are certified, updated your resume with these certifications.


Tip 4: Maintain good relationship with recruiters

When you are searching for a new job, the role of recruiters is of great importance. Generally, it's the recruiter who finds and shortlists suitable candidates to get interviewed and to fill the jobs. So, things like 1) Being honest with them, 2) Responding promptly to emails and calls, 3) Calling with interview feedback immediately, 4) Nicely following-up with them, 5) Good long term relationship with recruiters are important to succeed in your job search.


Tip 5: Winning the Interview

We all know that winning the interview is must to get a job. To win an interview there are certain key steps like 1) Knowing the exact interview structure/process in advance, 2) Knowing the key software testing skills/areas to focus for the interview, 3) Researching about the employer, 4) Preparing well for the interview and finally 5) Performing well in the interview (consider different aspects like Technical, Communication, Attitude, Body Language, Behaviour). When you are scheduling the interview with the recruiters, keep these steps in mind and act accordingly to win the interview.


If you are in the job search process, we can guide you on implementing these tips. We can also provide you career advice.  


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