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Master API & Web Services Automation + Postman + API Testing Live Projects

Industry-Specific & Live Projects based API & Web Services Automation online training which covers Postman latest version, API automation concepts in-depth, API Hybrid Automation Framework from scratch, JavaScript, Postman core features, Newman, Team Workspaces & Team Collaboration, Jenkins & continuous integration. 

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Master API & Web Services Automation + Postman + API Testing Live Projects - in the best & fastest way

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API & Web Services Automation Training

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Postman EXPERT Plan

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This plan includes:

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  • Self-Paced API Testing & Postman Videos
  • API Testing Live Projects Videos
  • API & WebServices + Postman Hybrid Automation Framework From Scratch Videos
  • Community & Support Forum
  • Resume Preparation & Support
  • Interview Questions & Support
  • Job Assistance, Career Guidance
  • Lifetime Access To The Course
  • Many Bonus Videos + Resources
  • INR Price ₹1,289 ₹8,599 85% off
  • Students in India - Pay in INR

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Below Are Included In All Plans

✔ Support for your Questions/Practice/Project
✔ New Video Additions, Future Updates
✔ Up to date tutorials, resources & material
✔ Download all source code/docs/resources
✔ Upgrade at any time to next plan or level
✔ Access on all devices - Laptop/Mobile/Tablet/PC

Our Key Course Features

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API Automation Training

High quality & results oriented Postman course which covers all Postman, JavaScript & API automation essentials.

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API Test Hybrid Framework

Learn Hybrid Automation Framework using Postman Core Features, Data Driven Framework & Continuous Integration.

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API Testing Live Projects

Different real-life Postman automation projects and industry specific scenarios so that you are ready for your Postman job.

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API Automation Tutorial Videos

Self-paced Postman tutorial videos so that you can learn Postman from anywhere in the world and at any time.

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Support For Your Doubts/Queries

Get technical support and practical guidance from our expert instructors to take your Postman Career to the next level.

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Resume & Interview Support

Resume Preparation & Review, Interview Questions, Guidance & Preparation, Job Assistance & Guidance Services

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Premium Content🔥 + Lifetime Access⚡ + Support Forums🏆 + Collaboration💡

Our Best API Testing & Postman Videos For You

Course Content

Course Requirements

  • No prior coding or programming skills required. All the required programming skills for Postman automation will be covered in the course.
  • Our course has been oriented for absolute beginners and freshers.
  • Windows PC or Mac with an internet connection.

Why should I master API Automation & Postman?

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development. Postman's features simplify each step of building & testing an API so you can create better APIs - faster.

Postman is a top-rated API Testing tool. Postman is FREE and easy to start. We can download the Postman, install it, and write the first API test within minutes. It also integrates into your CI/CD pipeline very well.

The global market for Postman is increasing with 11+ million developers and 500K+ companies using it. It is used for 250+ million APIs worldwide.

Why should I take an online course?

An online course provides a very effective and easy way to master your desired skill in a short amount of time. Without a proper online course, you might spend months, or even years learning and mastering your desired skill.

An online course offers premium content designed to master a specific skill in a short amount of time unlike platforms like blogs, video sharing sites and social media. Also, an online course is much better compared to a physical classroom course in terms of cost, traveling and convenience. An online course with a support forum is much preferred and also, you can collaborate with fellow students.

With all the above features plus lifetime access option, an online course is a blockbuster and highly preferred by students. This course includes all these mentioned features.

Make Me API Testing JOB Ready

All-In-One Solution For Your API & Web Services Automation Job/Career At Any Level

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Start & Grow Your Career

We believe in working with you so that we can be part of your journey from Beginner to Professional to EXPERT.

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Keep Your Skills Up To Date

In today’s competitive business world, it is very important that you keep your skills up to date to safeguard your career.

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Industry Specific Tutorials

Real-life tutorials designed specifically for your niche market or industry so that you can start & grow in your dream job/career.

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Online Training, Courses, Projects

Job and interview oriented training, courses and live projects designed by experts which covers all the essentials for your dream job.

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Industry Expert Instructors

Get trained & supported by highly experienced and industry expert instructors who can take your career to the next level.

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Community & Support Forums

Get support for your questions, practice and project/job. Also, connect with fellow members for more support & collaboration.

Make Me API Testing EXPERT